Basics of Skincare


If there's one certain fact amid the several uncertainties going on in our world right now, it is that self-care is crucial. It can no longer be considered an extravagance or even a luxury. It's quite a must — more than ever now, for many benefits. 

Purchasing skincare products that fit your skin type and situation can be daunting, whether you're strolling alongside the beauty retail aisles in a drugstore, going into the beauty halls in department stores, or browsing through a beauty online store.

So, where do you begin? How can you stay away from being deceived by sales pitches from various beauty counters? To begin, what you need is to include the 3 basic skincare steps in any skincare regimen: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.


Simple Skincare Routine

Enable these three steps to become a regular routine that strengthens your skin, this is the best simple skincare routine. As they say, is more!


Step 1: Cleanse

While cleansing can appear to be a simple procedure, the right face cleanser accomplishes much more than just simply eliminating dirt from your skin. 

For starters, it prepares your skin to be safe and balanced. When you use harsh cleansers, it can remove the protective barrier that your skin has and in turn cause irritation to the skin, and even trigger the skin to develop more sebum to compensate for the dryness. The Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser is a perfect example of a gentle yet thorough cleanser, that cleanses while protecting your moisture barrier, and prevents it from drying out.

On the other hand, it's possible to clog your pores if you use a cleanser that's too gentle, if your skin is oily or combination. In this case, you might opt for the Cosrx Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser, it contains BHA, which will deep clean the pores to prevent acne, blackheads etc from forming while still being gentle on your skin.

Hence, you need to pick up a cleanser that is best suited for your skin. If you use waterproof makeup or sunscreen, you should first use a balm or oil cleanser like the Heimish All Clean Balm to help breakup the oil based impurities and to get rid of any stubborn makeup before cleansing your face. 

This removes makeup without causing irritation to the face. Always wash your face with water at room temperature, regardless of the cleanser you're using. Warm or hot water irritates the skin and even dries it out. Clean skin can help better absorb your other skincare products as well.


Step 2:  Moisturize

Put aside the little extras like serums and masks if you want a simpler skincare routine, but never miss the face moisturizer. This is a crucial move in every skincare regimen. A moisturizer forms a protective film over the skin, allowing it to go about its business while also maintaining the health of the skin barrier and keeping it covered and hydrated during the day. 

Choosing the right one for your skin type can make all the difference. For dry and dehydrated skin, you need a moisturizer that is thick and will trap all the moisture inside your skin such as the Like Butter by Topicals.

As for those with oily and acne-prone skin, it seems to be straightforward. Skin inflammation is caused by not using enough moisturizer, which can result in dryness, itchiness, and acne breakouts. So, don’t shy away oily skinned folks! Moisturizers with a lightweight texture and perfect amount of hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid are a necessity for you! The Cosrx Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion is the one to look up, if you are in need of lightweight hydration.


Step 3: Sunscreen

Last but not the least, the third and equally important step is sunscreen. It is necessary to apply sunscreen even when you are not exposed to the sun. Uneven skin tone, dark spots, wrinkles, and even sagging pores can all be caused by UV damage, believe it or not. 

Studies have shown that people under the age of 55 who used sunscreen on a daily basis were less likely to have these problems. Every day, even indoors and on gloomy days, we recommend wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher all day (reapply every 3 to 4 hours). If your skin is on the sensitive side of the spectrum or if your dealing with melasma, go for mineral sunscreens such as the Cocokind Daily SPF, as chemical filters could irritate sensitive skin. But the beauty of chemical filters are the lack of white cast and lightweight texture such as the Cosrx Aloe Soothing Suncream Spf 50+ PA+++!


Final Thoughts

The research underlying skin-care products has progressed significantly, but there is still no real thing as an overnight fix; results take time to manifest. Consistent usage is the only way to see results. To notice a difference, try using a product for at least six weeks, once or twice daily!

Have a Glowing Day Ahead!