I'm Not A Baby

I'M NOT A BABY! Face and Body Sun Cushion

Dhs. 65

A kid's lifestyle beauty brand designed with science-backed natural ingredients for growing children's skin. A curated range of products for your babies who say "I'm not a baby!" anymore!

Age: 4+

25 grams

- Dermatologically Tested
- 100% physical UV ray blocker
- Physical UV ray blocker
*Above items are only characteristics of raw materials
- Free of top 5 irritant components
- Soft and smooth feeling without stickiness or residue
- Robust against sweat and water and good for outdoor activity
- Refreshing end feeling without stickiness
- Environmentally-friendly Eco Puff
- Eco-thinking packaging using 100% sugar cane paper and soy ink

- Physical UV blocking components block both UVA and UVB without any white
- Tested to be hypoallergenic and free of the top 5 harmful ingredients to be soft on
delicate skin
- Simple to use, big sized cushion that can cover face and body
- Moist and smooth texture providing nourishment and skin vitalization without

How to Use
1. Press the puff with the sponge to coat a sufficient amount of product thereon, then
evenly apply and spread on skin that will be exposed to UV rays.
2. Close lid after use so that the contents do not dry out.

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