KILLA Zitsticka

KILLA Zitsticka For Early Stage Zit

Dhs. 135

Solving your skin woes one at a time, ZitSticka is the innovative skincare brand that’s been making waves (and calming the appearance of zits) throughout the beauty realm. An innovative take on the pimple patch, KILLA is an intelligently engineered application that features 24 microdarts to dispense an effective blend of ingredients beneath the skin’s dead skin cell layer. Specially designed to cover, protect and calm the appearance of a newfound spot, its ingredients dissolve within the source of a zit. Water-resistant and almost transparent, these are incredibly discreet and easy-to-wear without risk of slipping. 


While KILLA's microdarts melt 2 hours after application, flooding your zit with targeted ingredients, best results are achieved when the patch is worn overnight. The patch also serves as a hygienic barrier between your zit and the world.

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