The Inkey List

The Inkey List | Mandelic Acid Treatment

Dhs. 79

Trying to smooth textured skin and fade stubborn hyperpigmentation? Then what you need is this super gentle and ultra-lightweight 10% Mandelic Acid Treatment to make your concerns vanish! Derived from bitter almonds, this AHA chemically exfoliates your skin to remove dead cells and reveal a smoother, firmer and brighter complexion. With the genius addition of retinol, this treatment works to also regulate oily skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also formulated with other incredible skin-loving ingredients that work harmoniously together to promote glass-like skin, to leave you with your best skin ever!

Size : 15 ml

How to Use :

Shake well before use and use in PM only. Apply a thin layer onto cleansed skin. Leave to absorb before following with moisturiser. Be sure to use SPF in the AM as this product can increase sun sensitivity.


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